Child Protection and Other Policies

WTDCC is committed to looking after the interests of all players and has various policies to protect players, members and volunteers at our club.


Child Protection


WTDCC has established a Child Protection Officer.  This person is listed on our Web Site and can be contacted regarding matters concerning child protection. Should the CPO not be available contact with the Secretary or the President may be made. If you believe an instance or instances of child abuse have occurred – you are encouraged to report these matters to our Child Protection Officer or SA Police (131 444). Serious incidents involving child abuse of any form should be reported to SA Police who will provide you with additional advice.


Relevant Child Protection Policies and Links

SACA Policies

WTDCC supports following policies as a member of the South Australian Cricket Association:

Other Policies

WTDCC endorses the following policies and all members of the club are bound to abide by these at all times when involved with the club.